Grand Array

About Grand Array

Grand Array was formed in 2014 in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Quickly establishing itself as the leading company in the waste management, humanitarian and oil services sectors. Our US parent company has been headquartered in a Pennsylvania HUBZone since 2018.

Grand Array has a strong government, political, and military background that designs and implements projects for clients across the globe. Grand Array safely and efficiently delivers results, with the goal of long-term success, and a positive impact, in often hostile and hazardous frontier regions as well as at home in the US. We take pride in our diversified capabilities, and vast experience to rapidly respond anywhere on the planet and assist in the recovery of areas adversely impacted by emergencies, crisis, environmental hazards, or protracted conflicts.

Grand Array’s senior management team brings knowledge only acquired by decades of boots on the ground, and unique experiences in executive management in government, the practice of law, defense base act insurance, working internationally on projects for the United States government, nongovernmental organizations, oil majors, and a well-rounded list of small to fortune 500 businesses.

With a culture of progress and persistence, Grand Array has safely and successfully completed projects on all corners of the globe, from small scale regenerative agriculture and sustainable infrastructure, to full scale post conflict stabilization, and international logistics.

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Tetra Tech – World Wide Weapons Destruction

Grand Array has provided support for the PM/WRA Worldwide Weapons Destruction Support Services contract in Iraq for 4 years. This work began in a supporting role for the original demining and stabilization work completed in Syria for the Dept of State during Operation Inherent Resolve.

UNHCR – Env Services

Grand Array assisted several NGO’s in the Middle East before, during and after the ISIS invasion of Iraq. Our projects ranged from full scale construction of refugee camps, to water and sanitation as well as waste, composting and recycling programs.

Penn Leaders – Regenerative Agriculture, Sustainable Building Practices

GA is currently building a sustainable business hub on 45 acres in The Poconos, PA. Including a full renovation of a 220 year old structure with hempcrete insulation, timber milled on site by sustainable practices, and cutting edge solar technology.

Remediation – Marathon

20,000 cubic feet of remediated soil, and water treatment, for Marathon Iraq

Marine Raiders – Logistics, Supply

In country support, logistics, material requisition

US Dept of State Recycling

Developed the first recycling project in Iraq for official US Government Offices. Erbil Consulat, Erbil, Iraq.
(operated as SWR - Safe Waste Recycling)

Log Cap IV – Logistics, Engineering, Materials Supply

During the DOD resupply of FOB’s, GA was contracted as the prime partner for LOGCAP IV. Our mission was to rebuild capable logistics teams to securely transport military equipment throughout the country was essential for Operation Inherent Resolve.

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